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Project Description
Visual Studio project that shows how to integrate the Esri Javascript API with .NET

May 2012 Update: The ESRI example had changed, so the code no longer worked. I have now updated.

Esri offer some great examples how to develop map based applications:

This project aims to help .NET developers integrate this functionality into their projects.

The initial example shows how to search a map and return the results to an ASP.NET application to display in its data grid.

It is based on this example:

The changes are as follows:
  • Inside a Visual Studio 2010 Web Project
  • Uses JQuery to build a JSON data file from the Map Results
  • Sends the results to the server side
  • De-serializes the JSON into classes
  • Binds to an ASP.NET DataView

I have left the original Dojo data grid in for comparison.

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